6 Kitchen Flooring Trends For Every Style and Budget

A kitchen ground serves an important functional and ornamental purpose. The correct floors material can convey collectively and increase the foremost stunning parts in your kitchen.

Whether you have a large number of spills from cooking, pets scratching the floor, or heavy foot site visitors from youngsters and guests, there are various high-quality recommendations that can tournament your needs, aesthetic taste and budget.

Material and setting up prices vary greatly, however the majority of homeowners spend about $8-16 in step with sq.ft. installed on a brand new kitchen floor.

Here is an expert guide to the end 6 kitchen flooring trends. No longer purely are they famous today, any this type of floors will stay fashionable for many years to come.

1. Timeless Classic – Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring can add a feeling of class to any fashion kitchen. This is an ideal material if you’re planning to live in your house for a long time. Whether you decide to renovate your cabinets, countertops, or whatever else, hardwoods will nonetheless make a good match.

It is likewise a extremely long lasting and useful choice for busy kitchens that see a large number of action. Hardwoods are simple to clean and will preserve to appear stunning inspite of heavy usage. Simply make sure to get an excellent polyurethane coating on your new floor, for long-lasting protection. Good hardwoods can last good over thirty years, and add wonderful magnitude for your home. Potential purchasers traditionally favor hardwoods, so they’re a wise investment.

kitchen wood floor

Maple floors is the most well liked and affordable option, costing an average of $5-8.5 / sq.ft., whilst oak and cherry woods are extra pricey, ranging from $6-12/sq.ft. Amazing woods can positioned a dent in your budget, costing anyplace from $9-20/sq.ft. depending on the species. If you are interested in calculating the costs of the entire floors project, investigate this hardwood floors price calculator.

While many people accomplice hardwoods with traditional kitchen styles, this floor can healthy right into a more contemporary aesthetic. In fact, hardwood flooring mounted in modern kitchens can add a unique sense of warmth, often missing in contemporary decor.

The most recent trend is to apply vast plank hardwoods, that could cost about 15-25% more than steady size planks. A further hot trend is to use reclaimed wood, either reputable or engineered to appear as if the real deal.

2. High-End – Healthy Stone Flooring

kitchen stone tile flooring
If your kitchen calls for a luxury look, there is not any bigger manner to achieve it than with natural and organic stone flooring. For thousands of years, marble, slate, and travertine have graced the floors of palaces, government buildings, and upscale houses all over the world.
Marble tile is most often mounted in all-white or black kitchens. This stone in no way fails to supply a breath-taking effect. Note, that marble could be slippery, and is susceptible to staining from wine and other acidic foods.
Grey or brown slate works well in classic, rustic, and industrial fashion kitchens. Generally, it really works well in busy kitchens, as slate’s textured floor offers good slip resistance, and dark hues provide a good cover up for dirt.
If you desire to create various visual interest, think about multi-tone slate.
Travertine is a wonderful selection if you are searching for a ground with warm, earthy tones which will unify the space, devoid of drawing too much attention. You should remember that travertine is a porous material, and will be less moisture resistant than other stone or porcelain tile.
Any stone tile would be enormously durable, simple to clean, and would require no renovation or replacement for decades. Today, bigger size tiles are more popular but are also 10-15% more expensive. Overall, marble is the most costly material, adopted via slate, and travertine.

The most user-friendly stone tile begins at approximately $5-7/sq.ft. and can go up to as much as $30/sq.ft. depending on its quality, source, color, and size. Complete cost hooked up ranges from $14-40/sq.ft. based on the complexity of labor, any distinct patterns, number of corners in the room, etc.

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3. Luxurious Appears For Less – Porcelain Tile

 If you don’t desire to splurge on natural and organic wood or stone flooring, you can have an identical look for much less, utilizing porcelain tile replicas. As you may see in the image above, porcelain marble tile looks so real, most folk would now not know the difference.
Thanks to developments in contemporary printing technology, porcelain tile is manufactured to look like a variety of wooden species (North American and exotic), in addition to marble, slate, granite, and travertine. Apart from saving 40-60% off the cost of genuine wooden or stone, you get a extremely durable, low preservation and easy to scrub surface.
Porcelain Tile kitchen

Faux wooden porcelain tile is so much popular. This is because many people want to integrate the sensible reward of tile with the visible attraction of wood. As a result, there are a number of brands to choose from, at expenses as little as $2/sq.ft.

High-end tile with premium quality imaging can cost up to $8-10/sq.ft. On average, homeowners spend approximately $7-12 sq.ft. set up on porcelain tile replicas.

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4. Rustic Attraction – Terracotta Tile

terracota floor tiles
Photo by Dtopa at wikipedia commons [CC BY-SA 3.0]
 If you’ve a Spanish or rustic-style kitchen, it will be finest complemented by means of clay terracotta tile flooring. This is one of the oldest flooring materials that has been in vast use in view that historic times, especially within the Mediterranean. Essentially, terracotta is one of those ceramic tile, made from crimson or brown clay, and fired in the oven. Premium terracotta tile is taken into account one of the longest lasting, most durable ground coverings.
One of the finest capabilities of this fabric is layout versatility. It is available in a variety of shapes and sizes: from squares and rectangles to stunning hexagonal, cross, star, and arabesque shapes. It’s also possible to mix terracotta with encaustic ceramic tiles to create a more colorful, unique look.
Today, among the biggest concerns with this material is variations in quality. It’s very hard to decipher a good product, even for floors and indoors design professionals. Thus, it’s best to buy your tile from a well-established manufacturer, with strong reviews.

Keep in intellect that its important to properly seal terracotta tile, particularly that allows you to use it within the kitchen. Otherwise, it will be at risk of moisture, staining, and will without a doubt now not last.

Average high quality tile fees around $3-6/sq.ft, whilst better products can price a minimum of double the price. It is attainable to purchase high-end terracotta tile that is hand-made. The total cost that features setting up ranges from $7-15/sq.ft. or more.

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5. Contemporary and General – High Gloss Tile

If you have a contemporary fashion kitchen, you may delight in high-gloss tile. It can be either ceramic or porcelain, with the latter providing bigger high quality and durability.
Large sizes are very popular, as they bring about a seamless, smooth surface that makes the distance show up bigger. It is also possible to select how shiny you want the tile to be; items wide variety from being purely somewhat glossy, to having nearly a mirror-like look.
The trend is to head with white, black or gray colors, as they complement the modern aesthetic very well. Usually the color is chosen to be in stark distinction to the color of the cabinets and countertops. Very vibrant colors, inclusive of blues and reds are also available. However, you wish to be careful with this choice, as it could look dated in a few brief years.
The biggest draw back to these tiles is that they can be very slippery and exhibit dust easily. In order that they may not be the best fit for properties with small children, elderly individuals, and pets.

This is a budget-friendly flooring option, and expenses range from $5-10/sq.ft. installed.

6. Innovative DIY Flooring Ideas

If you have a knack for creativity and delight in doing things yourself, you may get a hold of your very possess layout for a kitchen floor, using a variety of unique materials. As you could see above, even pennies can end up the new walkable floor in your kitchen. Another option is to apply paint, stain and distinct wood grain rollers to create a fake wooden seem on a aircraft linoleum floor.
Other salvaged materials that can be placed to good use are historic metal or cork bottle caps, in addition to recycled pieces of glass, stone or tile. Not merely will you’ve a distinct floor, you can also store thousands of dollars off the price of traditional substances and professional installation.

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