5 Facts about One-Level Curbless Showers You Absolutely Need to Know

Curbless showers are mysterious. Figuring out how and where to discover an exquisite one-level curbless shower system, and a knowledgeable contractor to install it, think like a large task.

Most importantly, however old you’ll be, no person (and I imply NOBODY) wants a shower which appears like ‘grandma lives here.’ Your shower location wants be smart, practical, and stylish. This article will make it easy for you. Yet first up, a necessary question:

What is a curbless shower?

An ‘open’ bathe that’s characterized by way of a clean, minimalist design. Curbless showers often have a tumbler door for a unbroken look, or make use of a shower curtain to create privacy. They are safe, modernistic, and easily accessible.

In this article, my goal is to provide you with -as Joe Friday on Dragnetused to say, “Just the information Ma’am (or sir).” We’ll check out 5 information you certainly need to comprehend before remodeling your bathroom with a one-level curbless shower.  It could be for yourself, your Mom, Dad, or any other household member.

Fact 1 – One-level barrier-free showers DO NOT have to be ugly   

curbless shower
Bathroom, by Long Nguyen on Flickr licensed under CC BY 2.0

When you think of a white fiberglass roll in shower, what ideas do you have? First thing which comes to my mind is sterile health center rooms. With gruesome silver seize bars that are perfect for geriatric patients. No longer exactly the appear I’m going for — in an up to date remodel.

I desire my shower to have a sleek, contemporary design. One with huge format tiles which reduce down grout joints, so my scrub brush can remain where it belongs – contained in the drawer, now not in my hand (as a lot as possible).

The well information is that one-level showers don’t have to be grotesque or geriatric-looking. And, European and Asian markets have ordinary this for years. One way to get a sleek one-level bathe system is to layout it with an ‘almost’ invisible bathe pan.

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You could be asking, ‘what is a nearly invisible shower pan?” It’s a pan which is determined straight at the joists, then the tile is adhered to the top of the base.

Therefore, this kind of shower pan, aka one-level moist room, creates a comprehensive bathe and loo that is minimalist, sleek, and modern. This space DOES NOT look ugly. It’s fashion-forward – yet safe.

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Fact 2 – You don’t want a big bathing room for a one-level curbless bathe   

walk in shower
Photo by means of SuperJuicy Men, from Wikimedia Commons licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

It will be out of the ordinary to have a big bathroom. But if you’re like such a lot Americans, that’s no longer your reality.

Utilitarian 5’ x 8’ spaces with a tub or bathe alcove enclosure, a toilet, and a way-too-cluttered conceitedness are the matters you’ll uncover in so much bathrooms. So, you may ask, “where’s the distance for a curbless shower design?”

Here’s what’s fascinating about one-level shower. Given that they aren’t defined, or confined, by means of a set volume of space (unlike a shower enclosure – which is in general 60” x 30” in a 5’ x 8’ bathroom) — they could be practically any size you want.

Let me explain how it’s done. Using a product referred to as a base former, a sloped floor of the bathe is created by way of a tray or pan set on your ground joists or concrete floor.

After the base former is installed, the entire bathroom ground is waterproofed. It leaves selecting the shower vicinity completely under your control.

Fact 3 – You can have a door in a one-level bathe   

Open walk-in showers are a rage – but having a glass door will make your bathe warmer.

Since one-level bathing room methods water-resistant the full floor, you may positioned your shower in any location and use any style of bathe door system. Frameless, semi-frameless or low-cost framed doorways — your choice.

Fact 4 – Installation curbless bathe doesn’t have to be old-school

You’ll recognize you’ve got an ‘old-school’ contractor the moment they begin speaking about wanting to ‘drop the bathe floor’ to your one-level bathroom. By means of dropping the floor, they aren’t going to decide upon it up and lower it down some inches (although it creates a funny visual).

What those contractors are referring to is cutting into your ground joists, then growing an area to pour concrete for a new (even with the floor) bathe base. This method undermines the support of your home, is labor-intensive and, inclined to failure.

bath remodel
Bathroom Redecorate Day 1, by Thomas on flickr certified under CC BY-SA 2.0

Today, barrier-free showers do no longer require old-school installation methods. In a bathroom remodel, simply comply with some vital steps:

  • Simply cut the subfloor
  • Set the base former down at the joists
  • Bring your cement board (or other tile underlayment system) up to the base former
  • Waterproof

And, you’re ready to set up your floor tiles.

What’s also cool is that you can use a 2” square drain and strainer disguise or a swish linear drain. The linear, or trough drain as some name it, additionally allows you to use large floor tiles. It successfully cuts down the number of joints.

Now – you’ll be questioning how do you get this kind of latest curbless showers established if you live in a town with a gaggle of old-school Podunk contractors?

In these situations, I would advise first researching the goods and looking installing video clips on them so you can clarify the process to your contractor of choice. If he nonetheless refuses to do the job, think about doing the setting up yourself. But, do agreement the plumbing to preclude hassles.

Fact 5 – There are numerous one-level shower methods on the market.

master tub remodel
Master Bath, by Nancy Hugo, CKD on flickr licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

When people give some thought to curbless showers, the vision which comes to mind is unattractive, white and plastic-looking. However, it’s pleasant to comprehend that with today’s techniques – this old-style thought is a ways from reality. Listed below are 3 alternatives in barrier-free showers which are not merely pleasant to check out – but water resistant as well.

1. Stone solid surface shower

These engineered stone pans come in 51 different colors, are made with a mix of aggregates and epoxy and provide the ultimate in durability. Integrate this with the undeniable fact that they can be custom-designed for any area — and you’ve a fast-growing style of shower pan. Given that they’re grout-less, this is a massive bonus for people who find themselves uninterested in cleaning grout joints.

2. Ready-for-tile shower base

Expanded polystyrene ready-for-tile pans are set straight in your wood or concrete slabs or subfloor. They are manufactured in any length and feature the power of utilizing a standard or linear drain. Setting up is simple, and the ramped lower can are available in any size.

3. One-level moist rooms

As previously discussed, this technique makes use of a shower-base former and a wet-room package to water-resistant your entire bathroom. Their reward include sizing flexibility and they work well in either an open bathe or a totally enclosed one.


One-level barrier-free showers do not have to be mysterious or unattractive anymore. Choose between one of the three procedures outlined in the 5th truth above – despite how large or small your bathing room is. Put in a pitcher or fibre obvious door – or use an open walk-in concept. The choice is yours.

Installing a one-level shower now not has to freak you or your contractor out. Solid-surface, ready-for-tile, and wet-room strategies aren’t in any respect hard to install.

Now that you have the facts, are you video game to put in a one-level bathe in your home?

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