4 Types of Garage Floor Tiles That Are Great in Every Sense

Thinking approximately installing garage floor tiles? It’s indeed a well idea. Great-looking garage ground tiles can effortlessly make your garage ground appear outstanding cool. After all, today, a garage has grow to be a lot more than an area that’s used just to shop your vehicle and differentgarage tools

Over the years, so much property owners have realized the value of good garage space. Residential garages have become additional living orstorage space. That is in which you’d like to invite your family and friends over to observe a large game, play table tennis in the converted video game room, or have a quiet home office. The possibilities are many. 

Needless to say, you don’t favor your storage to have a boring (read sad-looking!) cold concrete floor. With so many storage flooring options, including tiles, on the market, you desire this area to mirror your house’s allure and a bit of your personality. You can choose classic, checkered storage floor or striking interlocking garage floor tiles.

FYI: Garage floor coverings come in two patterns — storage floor mats and storage ground tiles.Both are enormously easy to install. 

In this article, we will explore the best versions of tiled garage flooring coatings for you. 

Tile flooring can make your space cozier and stunning. And not to overlook that it’s available in a range of patterns and materials. 

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Advantages of garage ground tiles

Garage tilingPhoto by Greatmats from wikimedia commons [CC BY-SA 4.0]

When choosing garage floor tiles to your home, it’s best to study up on the pros and cons of every variety of tile flooring and make an informed decision. Accordingly, you can select PVC or rubber storage floor tiles, porcelain, and even peel and stick vinyl storage tiles. Thanks to development in technology, tiles are designed using exclusive color, texture, pattern, and sturdiness in mind.

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Besides the fact that storage ground tiles seem fantastic, they give plenty of different advantages as well.  The greatest virtue is that most tile flooring may be installed easily. They usually are as straightforward to remove as they are to install. Extra often than not, the entire method is done in lower than a day!  

And, the durable tiles might be installed even over cracked or stained concrete floors. So, there will not be a need for you to fix the floor first. 

FYI: Garage floor tiles come in sizes that start from 12×12 inches to 24×24 inch.You can select the size according to your flooring needs.

Another advantage is that you could create appealing tile patterns including checkerboard, raised coin pattern, or diamond tiles in your floor. Plus, tiles are simple to clean too!

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The disadvantage of storage ground tiles

The purely major downside to having garage ground tiles is its excessive cost. Tile prices begin at round$2.50 in line with rectangular footand can go certainly high depending on the kind you choose, your storage size, and zip code. 

Tiles are more expensive thangarage floor epoxyor storage floor paint.

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4 Popular versions of storage floor tiles

Tile floorImage by Irina_kukuts from Pixabay CC0

The following are some of the best garage ground tiles accessible to homeowners. Hold in mind that storage flooring tiles are in accordance with your wishes and budget.

1. Interlocking floor tiles

Interlocking storage floor tiles are becoming highly popular as one of the finest options in garage floor coverings today. And, for good reason. They’re as simple as a breeze to install. They look good too. You can customize interlocking tiles and as a result, the whole garage floor.

With the most recent online equipment that businesses provide, you can even design your floor correct in your computer before beginning your remodeling! You could prefer distinctive colorings or an all-solid color, you can be particular with racing-style checkered flag themes, add interesting borders, mark area for your car or truck parking and storage, and so much more.

Interlocking garage tiles are accessible as polypropylene plastic tiles which are rigid or the extra bendy rubber together with PVC storage tiles. These types of garage floor coverings are proof against stains, chemicals, oils, and road salts. And, they are non-slip.  

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Moreover, the tiles are U.V. resistant; they won’t fade less than sunlight. Plus, they are mould and mold resistant. When it comes to surface patterns you could make a choice from a simulated diamond plate, unfastened flow, ribbed tiles, or a coin storage floor. 

The best feature is that those free-floating tiles are simple to install. Since they are not affixed to the floor, you just ought to snap them in place. An average garage might be tiled in just some hours. If you’re unsure of your DIY abilities, you could necessarilyhire a professionalinstaller. 

FYI: Interlocking storage floor tile installation expenditures is round $2 according to rectangular foot (polypropylene tile) and over $3 per square foot (PVC tile).  

When choosing your storage ground tiles, don’t overlook to examine the warranties. Premium manufacturers have warranties as excessive as 15 years. Some attractive tiles possibly lower priced but could have a far shorter warranty.

FYI: Some of the top class brands for interlocking ground tiles include RaceDeck and SwissTrax.  

2. Vinyl composite storage floor tile

Vinyl composite tile aka VCT is again rather simple to install. Those stable tiles are frequently discovered in grocery stores and school hallways yet are a very good selection for residential garages too. 

They are buffed and waxed to a excessive sleek finish — giving your storage a nice unfashionable vibe that’s really appealing. As far as the installation goes, these tiles are glued into place. The traditional black and white checkered seem is definitely the foremost popular. They are usually 12”x12”x 1/8” thick

Vinyl garage tiles are immune to staining, car fluids, and avenue salts.  

The draw back is that they could be a little slippery when wet. VCT can gouge from sharp objects. Therefore, it possibly a good suggestion to place a board below your automobile jack stand if and once you paintings on your car.

Also, its installation isn’t as easy as that of interlocking tiles. Earlier than the process, the cement floor ought to be wiped clean and prepped properly. Purely then will the ground be given the adhesive.

As a long way as the costs go, vinyl tiles are the least steeply-priced preference in storage ground tiles. Thereby making them ideal for price range garage flooring. Their fees can move as low as70 cents in line with rectangular foot. Do maintain in mind that this type of floor calls for widespread maintenance, including waxing and the occasional buffing.

3. Peel and stick vinyl storage tile

Peel and stick tilesPhoto by DiamondBack Truck Covers on flickr [CC BY-SA 2.0]

Polyvinyl peel and stick storage floor tiles include a pressure-sensitive adhesive on their backside. Simply peel the release paper off and stick the tiles. 

So, once you install these stickers, you don’t need any extra glue at the concrete floor.  Moreover, those tiles are easy to maintain. They have a glossy, non-porous finish that doesn’t require any waxing or exceptional treatment. Plus, they offer an even greater protection from stains and spills.

You can choose your tiles both in a diamond sample or a levant tread sample that’s smoother.

FYI: The long lasting tiles are easily available in 12 exclusive shades and two sizes: 12″x12″ and 24″x24″and can be utilized to custom-design your floor.  

The installation cost is a bit over $3 according to square foot.

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4. Porcelain garage floor tile

Porcelain tiles are surprisingly one of the foremost durable and delightful flooring possibilities accessible at the market. They are the two tough and slip-resistant. And, don’t get stressed with the aid of their delicate name; they areextremely rough to scratch, break, or perhaps chip! Since they rise up well to abuse, moisture, oils, stains, and street salts — they’re an ideal choice for professional garages or large garages that dwelling extra number of cars.

Also, if you live in a area with temperatures lower than freezing point, you don’t ought to worry. The tiles do good in bloodless climates too. They are additionally easy to clean. Porcelain tiles are by using some distance the finest storage ground tiles you can have in phrases of durability and resistance to staining.

As a long way as sizes and color are worried — there’s a wide variety out there.The installation charges are about $1 according to square foot. 


Now that you’re aware of all of the tiling options you have, we’re certain you can turn your garage into a showplace whilst withstanding the hardest of environments. The tiles will help you rework your garage and how! In spite of which kind you choose, you can’t go incorrect with garage ground tiles. 

They upload classification and an exceptional character for your area when providing you with a ground that’s simple to maintain and stunning. Move on, choose an attractive design and make your friends and neighbors pass eco-friendly with envy.

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