14 Beautiful Window Treatment Ideas For Your Home

When it involves window therapy thoughts for your home, there’s no dearth of creativity. However, do remember that windows can both make or wreck the seem of your home. So, it’s important to select the most terrifi and classy window treatment ideas. 

One of the commonest errors that property owners dedicate is to overlook the significance of window treatments. Indeed, window coverings could be functional, decorative, or both — based on your space, the amount of organic mild you prefer, and naturally your budget. 

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Our house is the ideal canvas for excellent window treatment ideas. You could choose a beautiful pop of colors, structural elements, and aesthetically pleasing furnishing solutions. All of these will give your space personality, comfort, and functionality. 

From flowing floor-to-ceiling curtains and drapes, traditional blinds to Roman colorations and laidback shutters — there are quite a few window therapy ideas. Here, we’ll discover 14 of those. Which ones you select will be counted greatly on how you and your family use that particular space. Let’s begin. 

1. Convey within the simplicity of Venetian blinds

Venetian blindsPhoto by Rune Enstad on Unsplash CC0

There’s not anything more simple yet traditional as these no-fuss blinds. They are probably the most popular varieties of window treatments. In terms of the material, you could select wood, metal, or plastic.

The bendy fitments are suspended utilizing strips of cloth, tapes, or cords. Usually, you may rotate the slats to just about 180 degrees! Just use the chord mechanism to open the blinds (the slats will overlap each other) and close it (the slats unfold out completely).

What’s more, you could even select various degrees of separation and rotation. 

Ideal location: Home office or kitchen.  

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2. Go the green manner with woven wooden shades

Eco-friendly curtainPhoto by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash CC0

Want your house to have a casual, relaxed, yet stylish vibe? Opt for woven wooden blinds aka bamboo hues or matchstick shades. This textured window treatment adds a natural and organic touch in your living space. 

You can necessarily select the color, texture, or fabric you want. They come in a range of substances together with twines, reeds, hemp, grass, wood, and bamboo — them all eco-friendly and natural. 

FYI: So that it will enhance the privateness quotient or insulation, just add liners.

Ideal location: Patio or dining room.

3. Unfold the magic of sheer curtains

Sheer curtainsPhoto by Chastity Cortijo on Unsplash CC0

Sheers, particularly ivory or white sheers, look magical. They bring about a whimsical, breezy, easy vibe that’s unmatched. Those wonderful pieces of fabric permit for various light into any room. 

The best aspect is, within the daytime, you could effortlessly see from the inside out whilst the folks external will be unable to work out straight into your house. And, they do not cost you a fortune. 

FYI: They appear their finest when hung from ground to ceiling.

If you’re concerned approximately privacy, the good news is that a sheer or internet curtain can have exceptional variations when it comes to translucency. You can choose thin, very thin, or slightly visible. 

Usually, sheer curtains come in silk, rayon, gossamer, or nylon. And of course, there’s quite a lot of colorations and prints.

Ideal location: Living room, kitchen, or dining room.

4. Beautify your space with Roman blinds/shades

Roman shadesRoman Blinds – Light Filtering, by Blinds Online on flickr www.blindsonline.com.au [CC BY 2.0]

Roman colors look beautiful! With the tender appearance of a drape, they offer an understated elegance in your space. An wonderful vibe. You can choose linen, silk, or cotton Roman shades. They’ll lend warmness to your room. 

As you figure the cord mechanism to open the blinds, the fabric receives gorgeous soft, horizontal folds. So that you can near them, just launch the cords and the folds lay flat against the pane — providing you total privacy.

You may even the height of the canopy depending on the quantity of sunshine or insulation you want. 

Ideal location: Residing room, verandah, or sunroom. 

5. Add a touch of drama with fabric valances or wood cornices

If you desire to feature some vintage style in your windows, a dramatic valance or cornice is an efficient idea. Don’t underestimate these classic beauties; with the correct textiles and materials, they give the impression of being amazing. 

Plus, your room gets a well-put-together seem with all the curtain hardware nicely mixing with the remainder of your home decor

Ideal location: Living room, family room, or visitor bedroom.

6. Usher in an elegant vibe with wooden blinds 

Faux Wooden BlindsPhoto via David Mallet, via Wikimedia Commons (Public domain)

Wooden blinds look noticeably in any room. These traditional window remedies supplement all decorative styles, particularly if you choose the right kind of wood. 

There’s a wide variety of finishes available. From sustainable bamboo and lightweight pine for the Scandinavian domestic design to darkish ebony for dens. 

There are also fake wood recommendations that are much more affordable and durable. And, they don’t fade or warp — the ideal choice for humid climates. 

FYI: Wooden blinds necessarily seem best whilst layered with material and a cornice.

Ideal location: Den, family room, or study.

7. Add style with shutters

Shutters have an old-world appeal that’s undeniable. They are ideal for a cottage, country, or rustic-style house. Fitted on the window frame with hinges, those effortlessly swing open or close. 

And you may regulate the small louvers with the aid of levers consistent with how much easy you want to filter in. 

FYI: Wood shutters add fantastic value to your home due to the fact they appear attractive from either side — within in addition to outside.

If you’re lucky sufficient to have a bay window or custom home windows in any room, you can integrate shutters with curtains on rods. This type of seem will help make your window remedy concept stand out. 

Ideal location: Bedroom or residing room. 

8. Go for a no-fuss curtain rod

Simple curtainPhoto by Josh Hemsley on Unsplash CC0

Drapes and curtains on simple rods are the easiest window remedies to install. For first-time homeowners, whilst curtains are light-weight, drapes are heavier. 

Nevertheless, both add style, attractiveness (a drape more so), mild control, and lots of privacy to your house.

If you want yet another dose of elegance, attempt putting white curtains or drapes from the to the ground on no-fuss hardware. You can hang them just a few inches less than the ceiling line. Of course, you’ve the choice of selecting any height or size you desire.

Moreover, they are available in numerous styles, fabrics, colors, and patterns. 

FYI: While choosing home curtains, make sure that they supplement your house decor and flooring.

Ideal location: Bedroom, living room, or family room. 

9. Select lacy shades

Want to add a glamorous seem to your space? Carry within the lace colors or curtains. The easy-breezy look gives a surreal vibe to any room. As a result, your space will seem ethereal and brighter. 

Coordinate your lace curtains with the colors of your walls or decor. 

Ideal location: Bedroom, kitchen, or residing room. 

10. Get a combination of curtains on double rods

Double rod curtainsPhoto by Naim Benjelloun from Pexels CC0

Here’s a window remedy idea that provides the ability to alter the appear of any room instantly. The idea is to apply two forms of curtains (in phrases of material, texture, thickness, and weight) on a double rod. 

Choose the thicker material in a darker hue and the sheer one in a lighter tone. Use the sheer one during the mornings or afternoons and the heavier curtain for interesting in the evening. 

Ideal location: Living room, bedroom, or guest bedroom. 

11. Decide on the classic glass window

Glass windowPhoto by Vecislavas Popa from Pexels CC0

Sometimes the best of the window remedies deliver a superb look to the room. If you’re blessed with an exquisite view outside, test displaying off that cup window of yours with a simple drape with concealed rods.

Keep the drapes drawn and benefit from the view in the course of the clear glass windows. The room will seem airy, bright, and packed with life.

Ideal location: Bedroom.

12. Dress up your window with checks

Checked curtainsValencia | 18425 Carillo Rd Edmond OK, by Bill Wilson on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

Checkered curtains add intensity to a window — making it stand out and how! To not overlook that it gives any room a cozy vibe. You can attempt the grommet style — which makes it easy to maneuver the curtains — or valances in the same fabric and pattern. 

That way, the valances will provide your windows an entire look. And your guests would be impressed!

Ideal location: Family room, living room, bay window, or bedroom. 

13. Deliver easy motion with ring-top curtains

Ringtop curtainsEdinburgh | 3005 NW 160 St Edmond, by Bill Wilson on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

A ringed desirable makes it very easy to move the drapes or curtains. Keep a few aspects in mind whilst going for such curtain hardware:

  • Coordinate the curtain earrings with the curtain rods.
  • Use the safely sized rings.
  • Hang the rod just a few inches less than the ceiling line. Don’t depart a huge gap.

Ideal location: Any room.

14. Accentuate your window with a restaurant curtain

Cafe curtainGaillardia | 14808 Hollyhock Oklahoma City, by Bill Wilson on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

If you desire your home windows to permit in a good number of organic easy and but provide you with a good volume of privacy, cafe curtains are the ideal choice for you. Most often than not, those immediately curtains conceal the lower portion of a window — providing privacy. 

They hold from earrings that slide along a rod and effortlessly make your space look homey and inviting. 

Ideal location: Kitchen or visitor bedroom


A person that loves to entertain friends and family understands that the windows of a house, very like different parts, deserve some well amount of TLC as well. In case your window remedies are entertaining to the eye, they will make your home appear more inviting and filled with warmth. 

No wonder, it’s important to select the correct of fixtures and ornamental details.

Any of those window remedy thoughts will upload additional fashion and grace to your house — making a more intimate ambiance. Just don’t overlook to open your elegant curtains or blinds to let in some sunshine!

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