13 Mother-in-law Suite Designs That Are Practical And Comfortable

Today, as more and more People comprehend the significance of a close-knit family — they are looking to accommodate two or more generations in their house. Or sometimes, a separate, personal unit for his or her getting older moms and dads — yet in an identical area. The self reliant nature of this accommodation, usually known as a mother-in-law suite, makes everyone happy. We feel, it’s a better choice than using a spare bed room in a similar house. On your perusal, we have 13 simple partner’s mother suite designs which will make life to your getting older mother and father joyful and enjoyable 

What is a partner’s mother suite?

A better half’s mother suite, aka granny flat or accent home unit (ADU), is anyone or connected unit — usually built on the equal property. Its goal is to present privateness and independence to aging moms and dads so that they could survive their own with a secured feeling that they’re surrounded through adored ones.

Such a constructing is generally a separate addition to your house, or you can customize a garage, basement, or guest house into a mother-in-law suite. It’s usually like a small-scale home with a bedroom, full bath, a small kitchenette, and routinely a sitting room.

How much does it cost to build a partner’s mother suite?

Once the call to build a separate in-law suite is made, the subsequent agenda is to decide upon a budget. It is easily finished through accurately estimating the cost of a partner’s mother suite addition . There are various factors to take into account. These would comprise the design of your suite plan, cost vs magnitude in line with your zip code, scope of project, labor and material charges, etc. 

Let’s take an example of Los Angeles. Here, while a small in-law suite addition would cost approximately $15000, a big one may set you back by up to $40000! So you need to determine as in keeping with your budget.

Coming back to better half’s mother suite designs, we have 13 simple thoughts that will supply completely satisfied living a brand new meaning. So, let’s begin.

1. Selection of ideal location

family home

The first step is to select where you want to construct the granny flat. It can be an independent unit, somewhat faraway from the most building but at the same property, or as an extension of the constructing itself — as visible here.

The posterior of the mansion has been converted to accommodate an in-law suite. The good thing about this type of design is that the flat stocks a similar backyard and is on ground level. Any other destinations may well be on proper of a storage or in a basement. However, in both cases — it would include steps to reach the flat. No longer a good idea.

2. Easy entrance for better half’s mother suite

mother in legislation suite
Picture from Public Domain Files

This is a no-brainer yet many people disregard such an important aspect. Seeing that a granny flat is meant for the aged, an easy entry is a must. God forbid, but when your father and mother are not able to climb steps due to weak knees or brittle bones — you’ll want to make it as simple as attainable for them. Won’t you? Have a foresight and make the pathway soft and wheelchair-friendly.

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3. Comfortable living room cum sitting area

living room
Picture from Pxhere

Chances are, your getting older moms and dads have had a satisfying life yet are actually seeking ahead to a simple, cozy, and might we add accepted residing space. A glad couch in front of the TV, ambient in addition to accent lighting, and a few greenery to add freshness — and their sought after spot is ready. We bet, your parents will desire to spend maximum time here.

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4. Light-filled small-scale dining area

apartment eating area

An accessory home unit is sort of a full-fledged home however the scale is much smaller. The dining area, that is usually next to the kitchenette, is simple but utilitarian. Here, a stainless-steel dining table with matching chairs are strategically placed subsequent to the full-length window. The belief is to wash the world in healthy easy in the course of daytime. In the night, the pendant lights up above offer perfect task lighting. Notice the protruded counter which acts as a mini bar while need arises. Could the design be any longer stylish?  

5. Self-reliant kitchenette


The kitchenette in a granny flat is smallish but fully functional. A gas top, a high-tech oven, and enough storage are probably all that your father and mother are going to need. Here, a counter, a tiled backdrop, and overhead lighting fixtures make where fantastic to seem at. You’ll select a quartz, concrete, butcher block or a granite countertop based upon the decor of the kitchen. Do notice the potted plant that provides life to this area.

6. Comfort within reach

Most often than not, your aging mother and father will favor a living quarter that’s stunning to appear at, but most importantly, offers them undeniable ease. Every thing — from the kitchen, sitting area, to even the cabinets — need to be easily accessible. Think of a set in an opulent resort and you’ll comprehend what we mean. You’ll discover various lighting ideas for a hot and inviting look for this space.

7. Pops of colors

living room

Who says, a mother-in-law suite ought to be boring? We don’t! Upload a palette of colors to enliven this unit. Here, the TV has been set opposed to a pretty wallpapered wall that effortlessly turns into the focal point of the sitting room. Yellow cushions thrown round on a glad couch, easy curved fixtures (we don’t want pointed edges to hurt your mom’s knees, right?), and a rug on the wooden floor — make the accessory home unit remarkable.

8. Basic compactness

small bedroom

This design is perfect for a mother-in-law suite that is above a garage or within the basement. Observe how the gap has been perfectly applied to accommodate a wrap-around sofa and a bed. A tripod table acts as a workstation as well as a room decor. Clearly, square photos comes at a top class here, yet that should no longer stop you from developing a comfortable place for your parents. We adore the tiny lighting on the headboard of the bed.

9. Pleased bedroom that’s full of warmth

Image by Reeks District on Flickr licensed below CC BY 2.0

Think of a granny flat and the image which will pop in your intellect will be very much akin to this one. A joyful bed, carpeted floor, lots of windows, a desk that doubles as a shallowness or study, and excellent lighting. You’ll even opt for heated flooring if you stay at an area that experiences extreme cold. We’re particularly impressed with the skylight that permits organic mild in the foremost stunning way. Simple design, but amazing.

10. Security measures within the toilet

Image from Pxhere

Now, this lower back is a security feature that has to be taken care of. Your aging mom and dad want all of the care when it comes to utilizing effortless facilities. Notice how the lavatory has variety of stainless metallic bars and handrails for added support. The floor too has been selected retaining in mind that older persons do not prefer shiny, tender surfaces. They are, extra usually than not, slippery. Anything that must be avoided at any cost.

11. Curbless showers for easy access

Picture from Pxhere

A one-level curbless shower has a clean, minimalist design. So much importantly, it’s safe, modernistic, and easily accessible. You will set up a 0.5 glass door for a seamless look and ensure that the rest of the bathroom remains dry. Utilizing a shower curtain to create privateness is also an option. This kind of bathing room is ideal for a mother-in-law suite. You can add extra handrails for support in case your mum and dad are certainly old.

12. Extra storage in the bathroom

small bathroom
Photo by Kyle Murphy on Flickrlicensed lower than CC BY-SA 2.0

The bathroom need to even have enough storage to accommodate linen, toiletries, and so much importantly medicines. Here, an exquisite wood cupboard takes care of all such desires and provides a perfect look to the washroom. The small location is deliberately kept neat and uncluttered.

13. A wall packed with memorabilia

photograph wall
Picture by Travis Isaacs on Flickr licensed under CC BY 2.0

This is whatever every getting older mother or father desires. A wall full of old and new memories. Dedicate a wall to those priceless moments. Do organize the photographs neatly and symmetrically for the ideal wall decor. Where will not simply enliven with the images, it will turn out to be exclusive and surely endearing.

Final Thoughts

A better half’s mother suite can serve varied functions — as your parent’s abode, a work-from-home office, guest house, an self sufficient unit to your grown-up kids, or whilst a rental apartment. Such a lot importantly, one of these building increases the ROI significance of your genuine estate. Prospective purchasers are willing to shell out additional money for a well-maintained add-on dwelling quarter on the equal property. We hope, this text helped you with some fantastic mother-in-law suite designs aren’t just sensible but joyful too. 

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