13 Cool Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas For Your Home

On a cool starry night, what may be more magical than accumulating around a warm, crackling fire, roasting marshmallows, ingesting wine, and snuggling up with each other? A lit hearth pit attracts in persons like fireflies and ends up in a sincerely entertaining experience. And to add for your convenience, there are such a lot of DIY tasks in addition to readymade backyard fireplace pit thoughts to take proposal from. Be it a transportable or everlasting arrangement, an out of doors hearth can act as the centerpiece on your patio or backyard. Come, suffer these 13 ultra-cool fireplace pit designs and remodel your exteriors into a cozy abode.

The Tabletop Fire Pit

tabletop hearth pitPhoto by means of Wicker Paradise on Flickr – blog.wickerparadise.com is licensed under CC-BY-2.0

Offering extraordinary versatility and functionality, installing a fireplace desk is likely one of the best backyard fire pit ideas. They function a table that comes with a center for lighting fixtures a small fireplace — either powered via fuel or electricity. You can get hot across the hearth when including chairs to sit down for a comfortable dinner. You even have area to put items at the surface. Depending on the space available and your needs, get an conclusion table, espresso table, dining table, or bar table.

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The Stone Fire Pit

stone fireplace pit (2)Pixabay

A stone hearth pit is surely easy to make, is going will all types of outdoor layouts, and is extremely budget-friendly. Simply get some stone bricks, lay them one above the other, and attach them up with strong glue or cement. Draw a depiction of the area that you want to use to your pit and paintings along that. You could design it as a round, rectangular, or square hearth pit — whatsoever suits you. This is without doubt one of the simplest DIY tasks that you may take in and complete in only in the future if you have all of the required accessories.

Another Version of the Stone Fire Pit – The Rustic & Raised

rustic fire pitPhoto by means of Media Director on Flickr – www.landscape-design-advisor.com is certified lower than CC-BY-ND 2.0

This is yet another variation of the stone fire pit – with a raised base. Its rustic layout can complement any outdoor location such as your garden or patio. With organic stone pools and chic pavers, this gas-powered fire feature can be accessorized with contemporary outdoor furniture.

Fire Columns

This is a great concept for you if you have constrained outdoor space. Fire columns are accessible in lots of stores and they’re similar to a bowl, with the sole change being the shape. This is a form of gasoline hearth pit — powered via propane or natural and organic gas — that’s within the form of a protracted cylinder and has a space on top to light your fire. you may get columns made from wooden or stone with a metallic interior. The full constitution lends a rustic, natural seem to your backyard or patio.

The Gravel Fire Pit

gravel hearth pitFire pit on the patio by means of Ruth Hartnup on Flickr is certified under CC-BY-2.0

This is but one other one of the awesome outdoor fire pit ideas that use a basic rock layout design. You can buy these rocks at an inexpensive cost from any shop or you could even decide on them up from a lake or riverside. After that, actually lay them out in a circle, collect some dry wood, and light-weight a fire. Vicinity some chairs over a protracted gravel vicinity and get cozy!

In-Ground Fire Pit

Are you on a decent budget and nonetheless desire a quick, DIY fireplace pit on your outdoor space? Then try this idea. Dig a gap (according on your length specifications) on your yard. Fill it up to a certain top with lava rocks. Now region bricks — in somewhat tilted angles along the interior sides of the pit. Shovel away the soil from the rim in the direction of the bottom at the outer side of the pit. Now, vicinity huge flat rocks across the circle, above the bricks. Fill up any spaces and tighten them up with soil. There you go! A comfortable and simple hearth pit for your home.

Fire in a Bowl

bowl fireplace pitPhoto by means of Media Director on Flickr – www.landscape-design-advisor.com is certified under CC-BY-ND 2.0

This is yet another certainly one of our favourite outdoor fire pit ideas. Who doesn’t love the bowl form during this moveable hearth pit? Your bowl may be of cement, concrete, stainless steel, or any other durable, fire-resistant material. Upload some gravel within the center for extra safety. Then put in some dry logs and get started with roasting your s’mores!

The Ring on Ring Layout

Concrete tree earrings and steel hearth rings make for an excellent outside fireplace pit ideas. Obtain two or more rings and region them above each other. For the inside, make an additional circle with smaller stacked rings. Top off the distance between the two with small pebbles to present your circular fireplace pit a grand look.

The Wood Fire Pit

wood fire pitBackyard – Fire Pit through Jack Pearce on Flickr is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

This is likely one of the traditional outdoor fireplace pit ideas. The fundamental notion is which you get an enclosure — made from fire-resistant fabric inclusive of concrete or steel like forged iron or metallic — where you could place dried wood. Then you definitely actually easy it up and enjoy the warmth of a crackling fire. Enclosures for wood fireplace pits can are available in several designs, styles, and sizes. Simply get one according to your taste and use.

The Repurposed Fire Pit

Did you know that you could use unused stuff out of your dwelling area and convert them into fireplace pits? Yes, you can. For example, take your discarded washing machine drum. Just take the help of a pro to introduce some tweaks after which use it for a portable, convenient hearth pit.

Concrete Fire Pit

concrete fire pitPhoto through Bill Wilson on Flickr is licensed under CC-BY-2.0

Do you have the luxurious of enough space on your patio? Perhaps you desire to convert it into a spacious sitting area. Then why don’t you consider the above idea? Simply region some chairs round this open hearth pit and convert it into a warm, cozy collecting space.

The Circular Fire Pit

circular fireplace pitPhoto by means of Wicker Paradise on Flickr – blog.wickerparadise.com is certified under CC-BY-2.0

The above fire pit notion is excellent for a modern home with a big garden or yard. Notice the round design, with concentric circles and the internal circle holding the distance to gentle a fire. You could decorate this with some pebbles for added appeal. Region some matching chairs around it and you are all set!

The Modern Fire Pit

Well, this concept is going with any domestic with a contemporary layout. It’s perfect to be positioned even on your balcony. Region an prepared seating location round it and you can use the complete space to host dinners, get-togethers, and also legit parties.

modern hearth pit (1) (1)Photo via Architecturist on Wikimedia Commons is certified under CC BY-SA 3.0


There’s no denying the indisputable fact that a fireplace function or pit can create a gorgeous ambiance and unfold cheer like not anything else. With such a lot of innovations in styles and functions, you can think of a great number of resourceful outdoor fire pit thoughts — and these have been only a few. So use your imagination and start making one by yourself or just get the set from a store.

However, make sure to have all of the required components in place — inclusive of pokers, cooking grates, marshmallow skewers, wood handlers, tongs, a screen, pads, racks, and covers. For your safety, region a fireproof rug and fire-resistant fixtures to make use of your outdoors to the maximum.

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