13 Backyard Fence Ideas to Protect Your Garden in Style

Fences are perhaps the most underrated characteristic of your property. They don’t simply safe your outside space by way of marking its limitations and preserve the animals as well as intruders out but also enhance your curb appeal, provide a beautiful edging to frame your garden, and spotlight your landscape design. No wonder, choosing the finest backyard fence thoughts is vital.

Fencing is essential, especially in the backyard area. A fence might not upload as a lot magnitude to your home as in contrast to say material and construction costs, but it does enhance the price of your property if there’s a necessity for this way of outside structure.

The normal fence installation cost tiers among$13 and $25 per linear foot. Such a lot homeowners spend between $1,600 and $3,500for the installation project. Of course, this quantity depends on the kind of fencing substances used. Hold in mind that materials by myself make up about 70% of the total fence installation price. So, if you’re on a decent budget, you could install wire fencing which is the cheapest fence at$2 in keeping with footon average.

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New homeowners are often confused about the legal guidelines linked to building of fences. Fence legal guidelines and law are indeed complex as they’re generally handled on a native level. Useless to say, you ought to examine yournearby fence lawsand allows earlier than installing a new fence. 

Generally, a fence building enable is needed for boundary fences — particularly people that have a top of 2m or higher. If your fence is close a avenue intersection (within 9m), it have to now not be higher than 1m in height. However, a fence round a swimming pool (safety pool barrier) will always require a building allow — despite its height. 

Once you get the enables in place, installing a yard fence is straightforward enough. Simply preserve in mind that the yard fence design should match the fashion of your home and its surroundings whilst providing ideal options for all of your fencing needs. 

Here’s a selection of backyard fence ideas for you to choose a fence style that’s excellent to your home. 

1. Quaint lattice fence

Lattice fencePhoto by way of R3dus-01 from wikimedia commons CC BY-SA 4.0

This wooden fence with tiny square lattice design is ideal for setting up your garden limitations with out totally shutting out the views. The ornate fence appears well on any form of setting. For a far better and long-lasting option, you may use a patterned wrought iron, aluminum, or metal fence instead. 

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2. Clean-cut composite wooden fence

Composite wooden fencePhoto by way of r. nial bradshaw on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

If you’re looking for a backyard fence inspiration that provides a graceful wooden fortification, this layout is for you. The horizontal wooden slats create an unpretentious wall that’s practical, functional, and neat-looking. This contemporary fence has a gorgeous minimalist fashion that most property owners will find irresistible.

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3. Stained pallet fence with gate

Pallet fenceCedar fence and gate, by Field Outside Spaces on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

A sturdy wall of certainly gorgeous, stained pallets (with an advantage fence gate!) is timeless. Whilst the wood coverage less than provides you with a well amount of privacy, the top lattice portion of the fence offers wonderful aesthetics. Just a fencing tip: use a wood polish to protect the wooden from the weather — making it last longer. 

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4. Earthy bamboo fence

Bamboo fencePhoto by Wonderlane on flickr CC0

There’s something very dramatic about bamboo fencing. The biological fence exudes oriental charm and stability. This bamboo body fence goes good with any setting and outside landscaping. The finest side is, it’s easy to build and provides ample coverage. 

5. Chain link fence

Wired fencePhoto by way of Freepik

You can preserve your garden contained with a no-fuss chain link fence. The mesh-like fixture appears simple with clear lines. What’s more, the design aligns beautifully with today’s modern minimalism.

6. Slatted wooden fence

Wooden yard fenceNew Fence, by Jeremy Reding on flickr [CC BY-SA 2.0]

Do not be fooled by way of the fragile appear of this specific trees fence; it’s tough sufficient for a backyard fence. And, it’s ideal when you favor to retain the outsiders out and but don’t prefer to cover their wonderful yard. The graded design provides a good looking and captivating look. 

7. Concrete and metal fence

Metal fencePhoto with the aid of Freepik

This sturdy combination of concrete and metallic bars appears elegant, minimalist, and beautiful! Moreover, the black and white combination is easy-to-maintain. We love the clear lines and the forged black paint. 

8. Vinyl picket fence

Picket fencePhoto by Kristina Paukshtite from Pexels CC0

The stylish sophistication of this simple vinyl fence is matchless. The white wooden fence is durable and easy to maintain too. Such a lot property owners agree that white nonetheless remains the best color to paint a garden fence. Instead of vinyl, you could also opt for a wood-textured composite or genuine wooden to get this stunning look. 

9. Barn-style raw wood planks

Yard fencefence garden after, by Rachel Coleman on flickr [CC BY-SA 2.0]

Want to upload a country-style vibe to your backyard? This barn wood fence is easy and functional. As rustic fence designs are gaining popularity, one of these fence with horizontal wooden slats in a hot cedar tone, looks real smart. 

10. Good wooden fence 

White fenceNew fence and entry, with caps in place, by Peter Stevens on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

This sturdy white fence is one of the most evergreen fence ideas and designs. The fence has a contemporary fashion with minimalist construction. It’s the perfect choice when you want to painting attractive traditions and tasteful style. Brilliant selection for a backyard fence!

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11. Cut up railfence against a solid backdrop

Wood fenceBackyard Fence/Deck Progress, by Emily May on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

A split rail fence has been integrated with a solid wooden sheet to provide more privacy. This type of fence is simple to build, affordable, and utilitarian. And, due to the two-tired fencing, is secure too. You can necessarily customize the seem with one of a kind fence paint colors. We love the natural, rustic look of wood though.

12. Gabion stone wall

Stone wallImage by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay CC0

A gabion wall to your garden is the ultimate solution for a tough fencing option. Get a pro landscaping contractor to cautiously stack the stones and align them into accurate lines and shapes. The rough-looking stone wall could be made extra interesting with colored stones and specific patterns.

13. Brick wall

Brick wallPhoto by Open Grid Scheduler / Grid Engine on flickr CC0

A hassle-free brick wall as a fencing alternative is again in style.Hold the construction raw and rustic for an old-world charm. If you want to make it healthy in with the other modern materials of your yard, test a white or shiny pink paint. Your wall will lookeye-catching and make your private home stand out.

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