12 Effective Ways to Find an Electrician Who’s Good

What is the first thing you do while you’re attempting to uncover an electrician? Ask neighbors, friends, and household if they understand a well electrician. Seek advice on line directories for the names and reviews of electricians on your area. Yeah, okay.  That’s good suggestion and it’s a superb start. But let’s cross over some fresh, unconventional suggestions that you’ll no longer have considered when it’s time to find a licensed electrician (or any subcontractor) who is qualified. 

1. Look around new residential construction sites

Drive via up-and-coming neighborhoods in your region in which new houses are being built. Investigate the yards for signs and symptoms displaying company names and phone numbers.  Electricians usually have signs and symptoms posted. Be especially alert for names that you see repeatedly.  In general, electricians who do good paintings will be employed over and over again.

2. Chat with subs

When you’re at those domestic building activity sites, have a talk with a few subcontractors.  Ask them what electricians they’d use in the event that they were having paintings achieved on their home.

3.  DON’T ask provide warehouse employees for recommendations.

That’s right, I said, “Don’t.”  Workers at wholesale stores, electrical supply warehouses and even massive box stores are a well resource of information about electricians.

But in case you ask them to “recommend” electricians, you may now not get specific names.

Workers usually won’t deliver “recommendations.” They say they don’t want to offend (and risk losing the enterprise of) the electricians they haven’t recommended.

So you have to be intelligent in regards to the questions you ask.   Test these:

“Who are the busiest electricians within the area?” or “What electricians are available for provides most often?”  Asking which electricians are the busiest will lower back give you some concept of who gets hired often. Electricians who work often, usually paintings well.

4. Investigate your state’s Domestic Builders Association website.

Most states have a Domestic Developers Association web site with a list of subcontractors that are dues paying members. Most shady subs won’t take some time to join the HBA.  Bonus: If you lease an HBA electrician and have problem with him, you’ll be capable to file a complaint with the association.

With those tips, you ought to be capable to get a hold of at least 5-10 names of electricians you can almost certainly hire.  Okay, what’s next?


Before you rent and pay any subcontractor, it’s shrewd to do a little investigation.

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5. Overview the BBB profile

 Okay, this isn’t a fresh, unconventional tip, but it surely good advice and it’s easy to do.  Lookup the electrician’s BBB rating and see if he has any complaints.  Seek BBB.org now not just for the company’s name but additionally the electrician’s name.

6. Facts of license and insurance

Unfortunately, some electricians will let you know they’re licensed and insured while they’re not.  Ask everybody in your list for specific copies of their license and insurance papers.  And so neither of you feels awkward, simply inform the electrician that you would like the papers “for your assignment file.”  If anyone refuses to deliver the papers, go him off the list.

7. Get at least 3-5 bids

Be as particular as you can approximately your scope of labor and make sure you’re evaluating apples to apples.  Don’t overlook to ask about the warranty.   Be careful of hiring an electrician with a value that’s significantly lower or significantly better than any other bids.  

building plansPhoto via Pxhere CC0

8. Talk to 3-5 references

Ask for the names of countless of the electrician’s beyond customers and chat with them approximately their experience.  Ask them what they cherished and disliked. Ensure to communicate with latest clients AND customers from 10 or more years ago so you can find out how the electrician’s paintings holds up over time.

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9. Experimentthe candidates

Call, text and/or email every candidate about a instances to see how responsive they are.  Do they answer you inside a reasonable amount of time or do they ignore you?  Bear in mind of these electricians who’re particularly receptive to speaking with you. 

10. Ask for ideas

When talking to electrician candidates approximately your project, ask them for tips about what you can do to save money without compromising quality. Or ask how you may make your layout better.  Positioned the guys with the best answers on your quick list. Bonus:  You might simply get some top notch layout and funds saving ideas.

11. Investigate their work, if possible

Ask if they’ve any customers who are willing open their houses to you.  If not, ask for photos of beyond work.

interior designImage by Stefano Ferrario from Pixabay CC0

12. Keep a list of runners-up

Hold on to the contact data of 2 or 3 electricians that you liked, yet didn’t rent for your project.  These electricians are your back-ups, simply in case anything is going incorrect with the fellow you chose.

If the electrician which you hired endlessly fails to show up, or if he’s doing deficient high quality work, name one of your backup electricians to see if he is interested in finishing your project.  If so, you can deliver your unreliable electrician one last warning.  Tell him you’ll have to replace him in case you don’t see improvement.  If difficulties continue, name your back-up and ask if he can begin work ASAP.  However firing a subcontractor isn’t ideal, regularly it has to be done.


Going by means of these kind of steps takes time and effort, but you’ll greatly increase your chances of hiring a well electrician.  Plus, your effort will be a sign to your electrician that you’re on top of your game.  That you mean business.  He’ll in all likelihood finish that due to the fact you’ve long past the extra mile to discover an electrician, you’ll assume good quality work.

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