11 Reasons to Buy an Electric Fireplace for Your Home

Thinking of putting in an electrical fireplace? Well decision. There’s a cause (in fact, there are many) why electrical fireplaces are famous among household heating appliances. Today, extra and more property owners are selecting them over traditional fireplaces.

Well, during this article, we’ll give you now not one yet 11 explanation why installation an electrical fire is an effective idea. Moreover, if you have queries concerning electrical fireplaces, we’ll delve into all of them too.

Is an electric fire expensive? Does an electrical hearth warmth well? What are some great benefits of an electric fireplace? All of these will be answered here. But, first, let’s take up the foremost important query for first-time homeowners. 

What is an electrical fireplace?

An electric fire is a room fixture that’s a easy manner to heat up your home or certain rooms. It can warmth up places of more than 400 rectangular feet! 

The finest characteristic of an electric furnace is that it appears extra like a conventional hearth (or a wooden stove) and yet isn’t as messy. It provides immensely to the classy of your room.

You simply have to swap it on, set the thermostat, sit back, and relax.

DO NOT confuse such fireplaces with electrical room warmers or area heaters. 

Electric fireplaces are usually larger, bulkier, and long-lasting. 

Let’s explore some really well reward of shopping for an electrical fireplace

1. There’s zero smoke

Space saving fireplacePhoto by way of Pxhere CC0

The most important reason electric heating is a good option, especially if you’re sharing dwelling quarters or remain in condos and apartments, is that there are no unsafe fumes. 

Electric fireplaces have zero emissions and no detrimental byproducts. Considering the fact that there’s no combustion, people who have smoke allergic reactions or scientific stipulations which includes asthma can heave a sigh of relief. And, it doesn’t cut down your house’s air quality in any way.

In contrast, traditional wood-burning fireplaces release dangerous fumes, such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, into your home. Those can be carcinogenic and damaging for your family and pets. 

With electric fireplaces, there’s no dangerous smoke, no smoky odors seeping into your carpets, couches, clothing, or beds. In case you’re worried approximately such fireplaces drying out the air, you can use electrical fireplaces that use infrared heat. Those paintings extra tough to sustain the organic humidity of a space.

2. It’s energy-efficient

An electric fire is completely effective as each of the electricity enter converts to warmth energy. Itheats a house quicker and extra successfully than a wood-burning fire which lets the warmth out during the chimney. The Environmental Protection Employer believes that now notchoosing the right kind of fireplacemay make you lose up to 90 percent of the fire’s heat out of the chimney.  

With an electric fireplace, your area warms up quickly and stays that manner across its use.

Another imperative truth to keep in mind is thatthere’s no deforestation taken with running an electric fireplace, you can enjoy the heat devoid of stressful the ecosystem. 

3. It involves a simple installation

Electric fireplace ideasPhoto by means of Pxhere CC0

You can select a fire layout or length that will comfortably healthy on your front room with out decreasing any space for movement. You will both decide for a hearth that sits on the floor or a wall-mounted one for a extra flush look. Either way, its installing is simple.

Trust us, it’s a lot less difficult than installation a heat pump or gas hearth insert. A wood-burning and gas hearth installing is costly, time-consuming, and a hassle.

If you’re purchasing a freestanding electric fireplace, you don’t even have to assemble or install it. Just place it in a suitable space, plug in the energy cord, and begin having fun with the flame. In case you’re planning to have one recessed into the wall, you’ll considerhiring a professionalto assist you along the way. 

4. It has a low initial cost

Electric fireplaces are really affordable. In fact, they are theleast high priced of all fireplaces.Plus, you don’t have to worry about any setup requirements. For instance, it won’t require a chimney or any other piping work. So, no expensive and tediouschimney cleaningor chimney inspection for you!

With no setting up fees, no additional material cost, you end up saving a substantial amount of money on yourhome protection costs.When it comes to a traditional wood-burning fireplace, your setting up price can be anywhere from$7,000 to $10,000. A gas fire will price you approximately$2,500for effortless materials. Upload another$2,500for the installing and finishing. And, yes, did we forget to mention the annual provider checks costing$100 to $200? Well, you shop all of this whilst you decide to purchase an electrical fireplace.

The power efficiency of electrical fireplaces also makes them extra not pricey — decreasing your energy costs (up to 10%) within the lengthy run. Since an electrical fireplace provides supplemental zone heating, it enables you to lower the general temperature of your house by 10 to 15 degrees. 

5. It saves space

Electric hearth designPhoto by means of Pxhere CC0

Whether you stay in a mansion or an apartment, putting a free-standing electric hearth isn’t difficult. It virtually doesn’t take too a lot space. For a wall-mounted electric fireplace, you’ll purely require approximately 1 to 10 inches.

An electric hearth is a boon for renters or these having restrained rectangular photos of their condo. Such an appliance is acceptable even for recreational vans aka RVs! 

Why ought to purely large houses have all of the fun? In this case, the warmth and ambiance of a crackling fireplace. 

6. It’s semi-portable

Here’s another characteristic that reward those who’re always at the pass or occupy exclusive rooms at specific times of the year. An electric fire doesn’t occupy a permanent spot in your home. However such an appliance is massive (and in many instances bulky) relocating it among rooms or round a certain room is not difficult. 

As long as there’s a power outlet, you can install an electrical fire anywhere. Even in your basement!

7. It doesn’t require a lot maintenance

You can benefit from the heat of an electric fireplace, even more, once you don’t have to worry about its maintenance. There’s little or nearly no effort required. 0 ash, soot, or chimney cleaning. And, such a lot importantly, no more reducing or storing logs. 

An electric hearth just lights up on the flip of a change — saving you from going down in your hands and knees to gentle or tend to the fire. With contemporary electrical fireplaces, you can just take a seat again and use the remote manage to function the fire from across the room. 

8. An electrical fire is safe

Although the sort of fireplace can produce sufficient heat to warm a room of four hundred rectangular ft and more, it is going to always remain cool to the touch. You don’t have to deal with warm metallic casings. If you have young children or pets at home, fireplace safety is not an challenge anymore. 

Furthermore, most modern fireplaces come with automatic overheat coverage — reducing the chance of fires from overheating. It automatically shuts off the unit in case it detects unsafe conditions. 

You can search for other security features to monitor the temperature — either one of the electric hearth and its plug.  

9. It can be used all-year-round

Don’t want the warmth of a fireplace yet purely the flame effect? An electrical hearth is your go-to appliance. There’s an alternative to use it with or without heat. Simply delight in its cozy glow without being hit by means of its blasting heat. Even in the course of summers! 

It’s the ideal way to experience the ambiance of a gentle rolling fire in all seasons. Set the correct mood for any occasion, in any room, throughout the year.

10. It has an extended lifespan

Interestingly, electric fireplaces have an extended lifespan vis-a-vis their wood-burning and gas-burning counterparts. The reason being simple. Because an electric fire isn’t a flamable power resource, it’s not inclined to rusting and corrosion. 

You can preserve utilizing one for countless years and it’d nonetheless seem new and stylish.

11. It’s available in a wide variety of styles and designs

Efficient electric fireplacePhoto by way of Pxhere CC0

From traditional, rustic, classical to minimalistic, sleek, modern, and contemporary — electric fireplaces are available a plethora of styles, sizes, materials, colors, and designs. You can tournament your hearth to yourhome decoror any architectural style. 

Additionally, you can customize settings which include brightness, flame speed, and even flame color to fit your fashion or mood. Isn’t that cool?

Some fire versions are based into stunning mantels and media consoles — providing you with additional storage, you can even convine it together with your furniture, for example an electric hearth tv stand. The overall appear is very stylish. 


Are electrical fireplaces worth it? Totally! As we’ve learned, they can heat a room faster and more efficiently. And such a lot importantly, they’re safe to use. 

We desire you’re convinced approximately buying these economical heaters. If no longer yet, ask all your acquaintances who already own this piece of magic. We’re certain they love their choice. And, so will you!

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