11 Kitchen Backsplash Tile Ideas for the Perfect Focal Point

Looking to replace the seem of your kitchen — quickly and affordably? Think about kitchen backsplash tile ideas for an immediate kitchen makeover. The correct kitchen backsplash will easily grow to be a focal point of your cooking area — and a attainable verbal exchange starter between friends.

Interestingly, a kitchen backsplash is established to guard the kitchen walls from splatters and stains of oil, water, and food. However it also serves as a stunning decor center of attention — making your kitchen stand out and how!

Choosing a kitchen backsplash tile sample lets you have exciting with specific styles, pops of colors, and specific backsplash materials. Especially because it covers a much smaller location than say your kitchen wall tile or ground tile. You can always choose for a backsplash that spans a whole wall or simply have a pop of colour behind the cooking range. 

So, which tile is best for a kitchen backsplash? Well, ceramic or porcelain tiles are a popular backsplash option as they arise well against water. However, you could necessarily test with a number of tile substances consisting of organic stone, glass, metal, slate, granite, and even stainless steel. 

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Depending on the material and the quality you choose, the installation price will vary too. On average, the cost for kitchen backsplash installation is about$400 to $600 for a 16 rectangular foot backsplash, with the exception of exertions costs. 

Today, any specific sample on any fabric is widespread for a kitchen backsplash so long as you install it good and preserve it maintained. If you’re seeking for simple to scrub tiles, opt for porcelain, ceramic, metal, and glass tiles. All of these are stain-resistant, clearly nonporous, and don’t even require any distinct cleansers.

So, you may choose any backsplash style for your cooking space. From a herringbone pattern to penny tiles or a minimalist contact to a chic vintage vibe, take your select from the many designs and styles available. To inspire you some more, we have a collection of11 lovely kitchen backsplash tile ideasfor the perfect kitchen makeover.

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1. Boldness of mosaic tiles

Want to add bold colorings in your otherwise easy kitchen? Layout a visually appealing backsplash with brilliant mosaic tiles. This teal and blue tile sample would be the perfect focal point. The desirable backsplash appears to complement the remainder of the kitchen decor that’s purposely kept minimalistic.  

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2. The exquisiteness of honeycomb porcelain tiles

Inspired with the aid of a honeycomb, the hexagonal kitchen tiles upload a homey vibe to the cooking space. The darkish grout color further provides to the first rate design of the white tiles.  

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3. Aesthetics of rectangular ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles

This tile pattern appears clean and brilliant — just like a Moorish artwork. The small white, blue, and gray square tiles go well with the white kitchen. The backsplash appears as well-put-together as a wallpaper. We like that the house owner has extended the tiles to the ceiling.    

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4. The comfort of glazed subway tiles

Subway tiles

For property owners who desire to always play it safe, subway tiles are the ideal go-to tiles. Those glazed white backsplash tiles inject a room with so much more size than paint and but seem elegant. 

5. The timelessness of brick tiles

Brick tilesWhite Modern Kitchen, by Paintzen on flickr – www.paintzen.com [CC BY 2.0]

There’s whatever inherently warm and conventional a couple of brick backsplash. We like the timeless allure of this all-white kitchen backsplash. It offers a neat look that harmonizes with any style of kitchen.

6. The rawness of patterned stone tiles

Stone tilesRose Creek | 17205 Fox Prowl Edmond OK, by Bill Wilson on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

This backsplash has a beautiful, raw layout with organic stone tiles. The backsplash has horizontally set tiles with a chevron sample in the middle enclosed within a dark border. The patterned tiles look quite unique. 

7. The brightness of glass tiles

Glass tilesImage by p_kennedy123 from Pixabay CC0

These types of tiles are becoming hugely famous because of the sheen and beauty they offer. Except beingnon-porous, stain-resistant, and water-proof, they are proof against fungal development too! We think this backsplash is the perfect sleek backdrop for your cooking area.  

8. Enjoyable with zig-zag ceramic tiles

The zig-zag tiles in various colorations of green, blue, and white seem so gorgeous that it’s hard to move your eyes away.

9. The neatness of stacked quartzite tiles

Stacked tilesPhoto by kevint3141 on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

We love how the quartzite tiles have been arranged to supply a neat look. The a number of colorings of gray seem like they essentially belong in this kitchen with black cabinets.  

10. The distinction of graded tiles

Backsplash designKitchen Backsplash, through ctj71081 on flickr [CC BY-SA 2.0]

Similar to the layout above, this sample is distinct in the feel that it has tiles in numerous sizes and colors. So far as kitchen backsplash tendencies go, this concept is quite popular with property owners and indoors designers. If you have a gloomy kitchen countertop and white cabinets — opt for these backsplash tiles for a lovely contrast. 

11. The luxurious of marble tiles

Marble tilesThe Kitchen: Chapter Six (Final Reveal!), by Emily May [CC BY 2.0]

There’s little doubt that marble is luxurious. Even though it’s tender and porous (therefore requiring regular waxing and sealing), it’s almost always the first choice of homeowners who don’t intellect splurging a bit. Simply keep in mind to not detect a marble backsplash too near a heat source.

Last words

Whichever kitchen backsplash tiles you choose, do keep in mind that your backsplash ought to define the style of your paintings area. As it plays a necessary aspect in your kitchen design — select a style that makes you happy. And, yes, don’t be afraid to aim out specific and ambitious options. 

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