10 Super Cool Headboard Alternatives for Your Bedroom

We agree that a headboard can create an outstanding focal point on your bedroom — adding a stylish element on your bed. But, do you always want a headboard for your bed? NO. With a touch bit of creativity and artistic vision, you could use some clever headboard selections that will make your room appear totally unique.

Just as a headboard functions, these cool headboard alternative ideas too will add comfort, especially whilst you want to lean back to loosen up or read your renowned bestseller. And, depending at the length and grace of the headboard alternatives, you could make your room appear larger or smaller.

Another advantage that those headboard possibilities deliver is that while the ancient headboards may well be expensive, those are not. There’s no need for you to break your home remodeling budget just for an upholstered or traditional headboard. 

In fact, a majority of these inventive headboard ideas are so simple that you can turn them into your weekend DIY projects. 

Whether you want an ornate bedroom or a minimalistic one — such unconventional headboard thoughts are endless. So, let’s look into some rocking headboard selections for your bedroom. 

1. Permit a rug frame your bed


When you want your bed room to look minimalist with out the crucial headboard, you may utilize a contemporary rug to frame your bed. The seem is straightforward and stylish. Plus, you get to spice up the blank wall behind your bed in a unique, inexpensive way. 

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2. Design a wall of books

DIY headboard idea
Photo by using Wicker Paradise on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

Here’s a different headboard notion for a book lover. Submit a wall of open books behind your mattress rather of a common headboard. Hold them glued and tacked on your drywall or a sheet of wood. You may relaxation your head on whatever that pastimes you the most! Neat, isn’t it? 

3. Add a rustic touch with wood

Rustic headboard
Photo by means of Wicker Paradise on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

If you want to do away with a headboard yet desire to provide your bed room the necessary focal point, you may use rustic-looking wooden planks or reclaimed wooden pallets. And, whilst you’re at it, you can continue the association all of the way to the ceiling. 

4. Set up a bookshelf in the back of your bed

Bookshelves, or any open shelving for that matter, make an excellent headboard alternative. Except presenting you enough cupboard space to show your personal goods consisting of books, photographs, artwork, and ornamental pieces, it gives your room a streamlined look.

5. Get art to define your bed

Bedroom art

A large piece of artwork at the back of your bed will definitely provide your room a unusual vibe. Except brightening up the full bed of course. Simply make sure that you’re using a graphic, printed art and now not a dear canvas oil painting with a pitcher frame. Any such piece of art will suit your lounge more. 

6. Create a ledge

bedroom decor ideas

You can create a low wall or a ledge at the back of your bed. The protrusion can operate not purely as an open shelf to show your decoratives or activities bedroom goods but in addition as a continuing headboard — running the total length of your mattress frame. We adore how a wood ladder and fairy lighting at the low wall provide the room a cool look. 

7. Upcycle your wood shutters

You can arrange your historical wood window shutters to create a custom seem for your bedroom. The reclaimed wood windows will add a rustic farmhouse and shabby stylish vibe while making your bed the focal point. 

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8. Use a window in lieu of a headboard

Headboard idea

A backdrop of a window — with a bright curtain or an ornamental tapestry — is an excellent way of decorating the head of your bed. The finest side is, your mattress will be showered with organic light. And, the next finest issue is, you may select your window dressing from the many different fabrics and patterns available within the market. 

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9. Display memorabilia of your household pictures

Bedroom wall

When you don’t like the idea of a standard headboard, you could create an accent wall of colored or black and white pictures, held on string lights. The total seem is just fantastic, to claim the least. Plus, the lighting fixtures deliver a nice glow in your bed. 

10. Use your bed room furniture as a headboard

Bedroom furniture

Sometimes, you may use a piece of furniture to create an illusion of a headboard. Remember to place the fixture simply in the back of the bed, in the center. In case you imagine your bedroom wall wants a extra difficult decor, you can necessarily as much as its glam quotient with putting lights. 

Last words

While redecorating your bedroom, you would possibly now not want to have a common bed with a standard headboard. But, that’s okay. There are plenty of headboard alternative options accessible for particular home decor. All you have to do is create whatever specific and original. 

We desire those headboard possibilities will assist you just do that. So, no matter if you’re on a set budget, are an enthusiastic DIYer, or simply suppose in a different way in terms of room decor, these splendid budget-friendly ideas will inspire you for your bed room redecorating project!

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