10 Secret Tricks to Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive

Do you are feeling like you’re not getting the specified vibe out of your kitchen? Do you desire to have a classy and chic kitchen with out breaking the bank? In today’s world, everything is possible! Check out these 10 best hints to make your kitchen look pricey and provides it a little redesign before the summer’s over.


Sure, fridges plastered with magnets, family photos, kids’ drawings, and to-do lists could add personality to your kitchen, however it also makes it appear somewhat chaotic and untidy. There’s nothing lux and dear about having a messy kitchen, so attempt to say see you later to these goods and declutter your space. Can’t part with your memories? Go away very few prominent pieces or create a memory drawer to maintain these items out of site.

declutter kitchenPixabay

Employ your storage

Another component that clutters your kitchen is those not often used appliances and gadgets. Go away your coffee maker and toaster outside, by means of all means, but clear out some counter space by way of storing much less used items on your cabinets. As soon as you create a clutter-free and clean space, it will immediately seem costlier and stylish!

Choose brighter colors

Unless you have a really large kitchen designed by means of professionals, your most secure wager is to decide upon brighter hues on your space. These mild shades will replicate the light making your space appear larger and more comfortable. For instance, combining white shelves with white walls will open up your kitchen, trick your eye into perceiving a larger area AND make it seem very lux!

white kitchenPhoto By way of Rickson93 [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons

Freshen up your dinnerware

Little facts can go some distance if you want to make your kitchen seem expensive, based and stylish. Remember, regardless of how well-designed your kitchen is, when you have grotesque and broken cutlery and dinnerware, it’s enthusiastic about nothing! However, items like gorgeous Wedgwood accessories will leave all of your kitchen visitors in awe! They provide every thing from very minimalist bowls and plates to complicated and colorful tea units and accent dinnerware (and a lot more!) Hold your prized goods displayed as ornament but don’t overlook to use them as well. Once you take those out, you’ll surely impress your visitors and give your dinner party a touch of pure luxury!

Boost the lighting

If you imagine your historic kitchen fixtures are both boring and too dim, it’s time for some lights shopping! If you’re into contemporary design, ditch these outdated boob lighting fixtures for a stylish putting pendant. On the other hand, if the classical seem is extra your jam, decide upon a show-stopping chandelier for an immediate touch of luxurious (it won’t look out of place in the kitchen, we promise.)Some new lighting won’t purely bring up the appear of your kitchen but additionally enhance safety. You don’t favor to wield knives in a poorly lit space!

kitchen lightingModern Kitchen Interior by way of paintzen [CC BY 2.0]

Opt for stainless-steel finishes

For ages, stainless-steel has been synonymous with luxurious and well style and the rule of thumb still applies. Can’t afford new appliances? Coat your historical ones in with a stainless-steel conclude that will not set you lower back too a lot money-wise, but obviously give your kitchen a high-end look!

stainless metal appliancesPixabay

Replace old hardware

If you’re seeking an easy, cheap and fast fix, replace your historical hardware with whatever modern and chic. For instance, ditch these shabby drawer pulls and cabinet handles for sleek, stainless steel! Desire to add some interest to the space? Use exclusive hardware design from drawers and cabinets, just remain real to one conclude for a coherent look!

steel hardwarePexels

Invest in new fixtures

Another small but powerful detail is your faucet. Today, there are countless designs, sizes and finishes you could get out of your faucet from stainless steel, motion-activated types to old-school, matte industrial ones, so why settle for your boring, historic look? Instead, decide upon a extra attention-seeking fixture to add a touch of sophistication and luxury to your sink!

kitchen sinkKitchen Sink with Disposal, by Kendyl Young on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

Green up

A couple of potted flora are routinely all you wish to introduce to your kitchen in order to upload a touch of freshness, class, and luxury. Even though they require very little cash and care, it’s going to immediately make it appear as if you’ve put a great number of attempt into your décor.

kitchen plantsPexels

Add some art

Of course, you don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on an common piece to art up your kitchen! A few stylish still-life artwork can genuinely do miracles to your space. Want something extra modern? Get an abstract piece with a hidden which means which will obviously be a good conversation starter!

See, you don’t have to pour all of your rate reductions into a kitchen remodel. A few intelligent tricks will flip your common kitchen into a 5-star food-prep place for just a fraction of your money!

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