10 Rookie Bathroom Design Mistakes to Avoid

A bathing room is sort of a sanctuary where you’re so much at peace with yourself. A place wherein you ready yourself to face the world, or get refreshed after a tough day’s work. It ought to comfort you with its design and give you greatest convenience.

Designing your own bathroom can be a dream if you know the way to. Yet in case you don’t, it is the largest bane of your life. There’s nothing worse than an uninviting bathroom that bothers your senses the minute you walk in. 

Impractical planning, dysfunctional spacing, and jarring bathroom design errors can be a nightmare.   

However, you don’t have to stay together with your missteps forever. Often, with just a few small tweaks, these mistakes are easily fixed and your interiors believe more excellent and sensible than ever. 

We’ve crafted this list of the10 so much typical bathing room layout mistakesfor you to hinder at all costs! So, let’s begin.

 1. Not Having Readability Of Wishes And Space

As straight forward because it sounds, it is likely one of the typical bathing room layout mistakes. We become with plenty on our plate, well during this case bathroom. Make a list of things you’ll actually like to include on your bathroom and kind them by order of priority. 

For instance, in case your priority is to have extra natural and organic mild – then why have a boxed bathroom with, perhaps more storage space, yet less windows? Carry out this straightforward exercise to determine your must-haves after which plan a renovation accordingly. It’s going to make you happier.

2. Not Planning Suitable Layout

Each bathroom has its possess measurements and characteristics. Therefore, you wish to variety out thebest possible distribution and layoutso that you don’t leave out any essentials. 

It might sound like a simple job, yet bathroom distribution is a continuing issue for architects and interior decorators — especially if you don’t have square meters to spare in a small bathroom. 

You will need to commit time to examine each of the goods on your list. Certainly not imagine that your architect or fashion designer will recognize what is most significant to you. 

They are the experts, yet you are the one who understands your priorities. It’s very effortlessly neglected and accounts as a valuable cause of toilet layout mistakes in redesigning projects.

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3. Prioritizing Trends Over Functional Issues

bathroom trendsPhoto by way of mgattorna on Pixabay [CC0]

Let’s be clear, we don’t suggest that followingbathroom trendsor fad is wrong. No longer at all. It’s just that you cannot follow them blindly. When you choose on a only aesthetic layout, consider how your day-by-day lifestyles will be. For one person, a colorful art mural in the toilet can be a source of never-ending thought and for others, it could just be simple disaster.

Also, take some time to consider if you intend to stay in your home forever. Of course, the bathroom is an area that should carry you harmony and wellbeing, and to obtain this, you ought to believe completely satisfied with your choice. 

But maybe you are making plans on selling the home in some years. Will the fashion you have fun with now impact the flexibility to sell the house later on? Will or not it's a good funding down the road? We think, operate over trends is a good rule of thumb whilst seeking to avoid bathing room design mistakes. 

4. Choosing The Incorrect Fabric For Every Zone

bathroom wallpaperVintage Gardens | 1800 NW 161 St Edmond OK by way of Bill Wilson on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

The bathing room is a space that has its possess idiosyncrasies; it’s a local in which there'll generally be humidity, and also wherein we use distinctive and stronger cleaning products. Which means now not any and each material is appropriate for this room. 

Rethink a beautiful wallpaper, for example. In recent times there are various suggestions in type, quality, and price. So there's no point in using items which will deteriorate within the lengthy term. 

Be sure to examine the material’s envisioned durability and if there are distinctive directions on utilization — that you can hinder this loo design faux-pas within the future.

Want to know the way much that bathroom remodel cost would be? Test our unfastened estimator tool!

5. Not Giving A Pleased Access To Your Bathe

This is likely one of the so much common rookie bathing room design mistakes. And it's due to deficient planning. Granted that some loos have constrained space, but if it's the case, you should study and find a answer round that, rather than trying to squeeze yourself in the bathe each day. 

You will never forgive your self in case you permit this take place because the uncomfortable squeeze will be part of your everyday routine. Pay near recognition to this. We’ve seen many such bathroom remodeling mistakes. Massive making plans fail!

6. Not Leaving Enough Space Between The Bathroom And The Bidet

bidet toiletPhoto by sferrario1968 from Pixabay [CC0]

This is yet another bathing room layout mistake. Whilst it comes to the toilet and bidet, we wrestle to incorporate these two pieces even though we lack the distance to with ease fit them both. And, more often than not, the issue even persists despite having enough space, because we insist on placing them too near together. The result: it feels cramped and uncomfortable. 

Have an expert provide you with a clear thought on what your space genuinely allows. Be sure to ask if it's going to be a pleased fit or a pressured one. You may even draft the dimensions at the ground with tape in order that you get a genuine think of what it will seem like.

The centerline of the toilet ought to be at least 18 inches from the sting of the bidet, in accordance tothe National Kitchen and Tub Association’s planning guidelines. The centerlines of both furniture should be at least 18 inches from their respective walls. That is, if they share an enclosure, minimal width would be 62.5 inches. 

The bidet itself generally occupies 14 inches of width and 24 to 26 inches of length. When a round bowl toilet would be round 18×27 inches long, an elongated bowl toilet would be 18 x 30 inches long.

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7. Disregarding Lighting fixtures And Ventilation

bathroom lightsPhoto by Christa Grover on Pexels [CC0]

Bathroom lights is a fancy issue. We have a tendency to leave its detailing for last. Yet in a bathroom, as within the case of kitchen, lighting fixtures is prime due to the duties you perform inside these spaces. It does no longer matter when you are putting on makeup from MAC, if the lighting on your bathroom is off, you will certainly not get it right.

If you place overhead lighting above the mirror, you will in all probability get shadows over your face. Recessed lighting above the sink may also trigger those unwanted shadows. So you would like to imagine this by way of with strategically placed ceiling or wall-mounted mild fixtures. 

Whether its ambient, accent, or task lights — it's also recommended which you enhance the final mild within the bathroom. It's especially significant when you do not have healthy gentle coming in or whilst the lavatory is fairly big. 

We could propose layered lights to liven up each nook of your bathroom. Avoid this loo layout mistake by using analyzing extra onbathroom lightinghere.

As for ventilation, it additionally receives considered as a secondary priority. A big mistake. Natural ventilation is always recommended since it maintains excess moisture at bay. In case you can’t place a window in your bathroom, then pay close consciousness to artificial ventilation, its performance, and on-line reviews — so you don’t have to tackle this trouble later on.

8. Not Having Enough Storage Space

bathroom storagePhoto by using Christa Grover on Pexels [CC0]

There’s a mantra for lavatories and kitchens and most folks discover it to be true: there is no such thing as too a lot storage. The very first thing you would like to think about is: on a scale of 1 to ten, how orderly are you? If you’re no longer an eleven, my friend, your new obsession ought to be sensible storage solutions.

The second element to think about is what number of people are going to use the bathroom? There maybe enough storage for one person, but maybe it won’t be enough for two. A be aware from the wise — people don’t really like to share nutrients and that they don’t surely like to share storage space. So plan accordingly. 

The issue is, in case you don’t consider this from the beginning you’ll come to be purchasing each storage answer from Ikea, cramming the gap with extra furnishings and ultimately hazardous the harmony and aesthetics of the room.

Try making a list of the goods which will need to be stored. Have a teenage girl? (in which case, perhaps you’ll need another bathing room altogether!) Also, consider if other things or people will be further down the road. For example, a toddler in the offing. Will the storage you’ve selected be enough as the baby grows? Or will you be confronted with this loo layout mistake some years from now? Plan ahead. Have foresight.

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9. Choosing Mismatched Bathroom Features

One of the biggest bathing room layout blunders you could make isn't matching bathing room capabilities and finishes. A rule of thumb is that they should create a cohesive look. 

Mismatching functions and finishes while it comes to door knobs and handles, faucets, or even light fixtures is a nasty idea. So whether it’s polished silver, brushed nickel, or bronze — you need to determine at the appear you desire and preserve it steady for all fixtures. This would provide the lavatory a balanced flow.

10. Exposing Your Plumbing

bathroom plumbingBathroom – Plumbing, by edward stojakovic on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

Even if you’re going for an industrial-style bathroom, uncovered plumbing is a giant no-no. There’s little question that revealed piping is a significant eyesore for new home buyers. Not to overlook that it is unsafe for children. 

For a clean and secure bathroom, think about having all of your plumbing work covered. No longer every person loves the appear of steel and other industrial materials in a bathroom. So, it’s always a good idea to hide the gruesome piping in all the nooks and crannies. We guarantee you, it's going to be worth it in the end if you plan to promote your home or have little ones in the future.


When it comes to renovating your bathroom, right making plans is a must. Having reported that, you might want to prepare your self for having made a mistake or two. 

The good news is that there isn't any want to panic. There are loads of in general made bathroom layout mistakes, but most of them are easily remedied.

Apart from warding off those bathing room design mistakes, you additionally need to set a pragmatic price range in your bathroom renovation. What you ought to do is toget a quotefor the full work, with the specific measurements of the bathroom. In response to this quote, choose the goods which you like and analyze how a lot you would actually spend for this room within the house. 

Logically, this contains a touch extra effort, however the result is much more satisfying. We necessarily say that the house maintenance street will necessarily be as gentle as your preparation for it. So, plan well. 

MORE: Floor Plans From an Architect toDesign Ideal Bathroom Layouts. 

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